Accidental Discovery: Overturned Vehicle Leads to Major Drug Haul in Meghalaya

Major Drug Bust in Meghalaya: Over 4000 Bottles of Illegal Cough Syrup Seized

Meghalaya : Drug Haul Seized from Tanker

Shillong, November 20: In a significant crackdown on illegal drug trafficking, the East Jaintia Hills police have seized a massive haul of 4,135 bottles of Phensedyl, an illicitly used cough syrup, in a recent operation near Khliehriat.

The discovery was made following a diesel tanker accident that led to an unexpected turn of events.

The incident unfolded when a seemingly ordinary tanker, later found to contain the illegal substances, met with an accident and plunged into a gorge near Khliehriat.

The prompt response of the East Jaintia Hills police led to the recovery of the tanker. However, a detailed inspection revealed a hidden chamber within the vehicle, which was storing a large quantity of Phensedyl.

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Dr. L R Bishnoi, IPS, DGP of Meghalaya, took to Twitter to share details of the operation. In his tweet, Dr. Bishnoi stated, “The proverb Fortune Favors The Bold proved true when an ordinary looking tanker plunged into a gorge after an accident nr Khliehriat. Soon @ejhpolice reached the spot & recovered the same. But here’s the twist – after a thorough prodding, the tanker was found with a hidden chamber having 4135 bottles of Phensedyl. Hunt is on for backward & forward linkages. Kudos to the team!”

The driver of the truck, identified as Shakeep Sheik from Maharashtra, was found injured at the site and has been taken to Civil Hospital Khliehriat for treatment. The police have registered a case under the NDPS Act at the Khliehriat police station, marking a significant step in the fight against drug trafficking in the region.

This operation is a testament to the vigilance and dedication of the East Jaintia Hills police in combating the menace of illegal drugs. The discovery of the hidden chamber in the truck underscores the sophisticated methods employed by drug traffickers and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.

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