Guwahati Police Thwart Another Cattle Smuggling Attempt in Jorabat

Guwahati: 55 Cattle Heads Saved, 3 Smugglers Arrested in Coordinated Police Operation

Guwahati Cattle Smuggling Attempt Thwart by Police

Guwahati, November 20, 2023 – In yet another crackdown on illegal cattle smuggling, the Guwahati Police intercepted two trucks and rescued 55 cattle heads in Jorabat, near Guwahati, leading to the arrest of three cattle smugglers.

According to a recent tweet by the Guwahati Police, an adept team from the East Guwahati Police Department (EGPD), operating out of the Jorabat Outpost of Basistha Police Station, conducted a successful operation against cattle smuggling.

The police intercepted two trucks, with registration numbers AS-27C-6834 and AS-25 AC-9890, on the Jorabat Link Road as they were illicitly transporting cattle into Meghalaya.

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The tweet further revealed the identities of the arrested individuals, who are believed to be the key players in this smuggling racket. The apprehended suspects are Hermen Lyngdoh from Namdonga, Kini Dkhar from Mookhon, and Soniki Tariang from Jowai.

This operation is a significant blow to the illegal cattle trade in the region, which has been a persistent issue affecting the local economy and agriculture. The Guwahati Police have affirmed their commitment to combating such illegal activities and ensuring the safety and security of the region’s livestock.

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In a series of successful operations throughout November 2023, the Guwahati Police have made significant strides in combating cattle smuggling in the region. On November 1, 2023, an EGPD team from Jorabat OP of Basistha PS intercepted a truck (AS17 C 5591) at Jorabat Crossing, rescuing 44 live cattle that were being smuggled into Meghalaya. The police arrested two individuals, Mafizul Khan (23) of Kalgachia and Aminul Haque (27) of Rupohi, in this operation.

Furthermore, on November 19, another EGPD team from Jorabat OP of Basista PS intercepted a truck (AS01 PC 0114) at Jorabat Link road, rescuing 20 live cattle and arresting three individuals – Baharul Islam (32) of Mayong, Sariful Islam (24) of Rupahi, and Sahijul Ali (21) of Sonapur. These operations underscore the ongoing efforts of the Guwahati Police in curbing the illegal cattle trade and safeguarding the region’s agricultural interests.

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