Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua passes away

Vinod Dua Lost his wife early this year

Senior Journalist Vinod Dua passed away at the age of 67 after a prolonged illness.

Earlier this year, he was admitted to the intensive care unit in a Delhi hospital after he had contracted COVID-19.

Vinod Dua was a pioneer in broadcast Hindi journalism with stints in Doordarshan and NDTV.

His daughter, Mallika Dua took to social media to break the news of her loss. She wrote, “Our irreverent, fearless and extraordinary father, Vinod Dua has passed away. He lived an inimitable life, rising from the refugee colonies of Delhi to the peak of journalistic excellence for over 42 years, always, always speaking truth to power. He is now with our mom, his beloved wife Chinna in heaven where they will continue to sing, cook, travel and drive each other up the wall.”


Vinod Dua, who was hospitalised with Covid earlier this year, lost his wife, radiologist Padmavati ‘Chinna’ Dua, to the virus in June.

The journalist’s health had suffered ever since and he had been in and out of hospitals. He was moved to the ICU of Apollo Hospital on Monday.

“Mama would not have given up on him or watch him give up on himself. She will guide us to do what’s best for him. My sister and I are okay. We were raised by the strongest,” Mallika had written in an Instagram post earlier.

The couple is also parents to elder daughter Bakul Dua, a clinical psychologist.

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