Pradyut Bordoloi Moves Private Member’s Bill Seeking Separate Time Zone for NE

Pradyut Bordoloi is MP From Assam’s Nagaon LS Constituency

Congress MP Pradyut Bordoloi on Friday moved a private member’s Bill in the Lok Sabha demanding a separate time zone for Northeast stating that the region wakes up earlier.

The Congress MP moved the Bill in the Lok Sabha on Friday to establish and demarcate two separate time zones to provide for more practical and inclusive administration in the country.

The Congress MP in a tweet said, “Northeast wakes up earlier and loses good one to two hour of productivity everyday against IST. In the Lok Sabha today I moved a Private Member Bill to establish & demarcate 2 separate Time Zones to provide for more practical and inclusive administration in India.”

It may be noted that there had been demands from many personalities and organisations of Northeast for a separate time zone for the region.

Bengaluru-based National Institute of Advanced Studies in 2017 had carried out a study that concluded that a separate time zone for the northeastern region could help in saving 2.7 billion units of electricity every year.

In the Northeast, the day starts getting brighter by 4 am and darker by 5 pm.

So, by the time people start working, half the day has already passed and this requires lights to remain on for longer beyond the sunset, using more electricity.

A different time zone would allow sunsets to take place later, allowing the citizens to better use their daylight hours.

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