Railway Development on Fast Track: NF Railway GM Surveys Progress in Northeast’s Hub

NF Railway GM Engages Media on Developmental Milestones and Future Plans

NF Railway GM Inspection
NF Railway GM Inspection

Guwahati, November 23, 2023

By NEWS DESK: In a significant move to assess and expedite railway development projects, Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, General Manager of Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR), today conducted a detailed inspection across several stations within the Katihar Division. This inspection included a comprehensive review of ongoing developmental activities and the status of various passenger amenities.

Accompanied by Surendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager of Katihar, along with other senior officials from the headquarters and division, the General Manager began his inspection at Balurghat, proceeding to Gangarampur, Eklakhi, and finally, New Jalpaiguri stations. The focus of the visit was to evaluate the progress of ongoing projects and to ensure the implementation of safety protocols.

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During his inspection, Shrivastava paid close attention to the amenities provided at the stations, including the construction of new station buildings, crew lobbies, Foot Over Bridges, and platform enhancements. Special emphasis was placed on ensuring these facilities meet the current needs of passengers and align with future expansion plans.

An innovative approach to the inspection process was the window trailing inspection method employed by the General Manager. This allowed for a thorough examination of crucial operational areas like marshalling and coaching yards, giving him a closer look at the day-to-day functioning of these sectors.

Further, Shrivastava met with the MLA of Gangarampur, Satyendra Nath Ray, to discuss collaborative efforts for the improvement of stations and the surrounding areas. Such interactions highlight the NFR’s commitment to working closely with local representatives for the betterment of railway services.

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A major highlight of the inspection was the visit to New Jalpaiguri station, which is undergoing significant redevelopment. Shrivastava reviewed the progress of this project, which aims to transform the station into an International Train Terminal. This redevelopment is part of a broader initiative to enhance passenger amenities and modernize railway infrastructure.

In addition to the inspection, the General Manager interacted with media representatives, briefing them about the range of developmental activities undertaken in the zone, in line with the directives from the Railway Board.

This inspection by the NFR General Manager marks a crucial step in ensuring the timely and efficient completion of railway projects in the Katihar Division, reinforcing the commitment of the NFR to enhance railway infrastructure and passenger services.

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