Tragic End for Newborn Elephant Calf in Assam: Illegal Sand Mining Blamed

Elephant Calf Death: Illegal Sand Mining Activities Suspected in Wildlife Tragedy

Tragic End for Newborn Elephant Calf in Assam: Illegal Sand Mining Blamed 2

Boko, (Kamrup), November 20: In a heart-wrenching incident, the lifeless body of a newborn elephant calf was discovered this morning on the riverbank in Hahim, under the jurisdiction of the Singra Forest Range, Boko in Kamrup district of Assam.

The tragic discovery has sparked outrage among the locals, who allege that the calf’s death is a direct consequence of illegal sand gravel mining activities in the area.

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According to local sources, the elephant calf, believed to be part of a herd of about 40 elephants roaming the Hahim and nearby areas of Boko, may have fallen into a pit dug by illegal sand smugglers.

These pits, often left uncovered and unmarked, pose a significant threat to wildlife in the region. The locals suspect that the calf met its untimely demise last night, with the incident coming to light only this morning.

The ongoing illegal sand mining in the river areas has been a source of concern for months. Despite repeated warnings and pleas from environmentalists and locals, the illicit activity has continued unabated, leading to ecological imbalance and now, the loss of wildlife.

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The herd of elephants, a common sight in the region, is known to traverse these areas frequently. The death of the newborn calf has not only caused sorrow among the local community but also raised questions about the safety of wildlife in the face of unchecked human activities.

Environmental experts and wildlife conservationists have long warned about the dangers posed by illegal sand mining, including habitat destruction and the endangerment of local fauna. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of neglecting environmental safeguards.

Authorities have been urged to take immediate action against the perpetrators of illegal sand mining and to implement measures to protect the local wildlife. The Assam Forest Department has been notified, and an investigation is underway to ascertain the exact circumstances leading to the death of the elephant calf.

The local community mourns the loss of the young elephant, a symbol of the region’s rich biodiversity, and calls for stricter enforcement of environmental laws to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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