Guwahati Child Kidnap: Swift Police Action Leads to Successful Rescue

Guwahati Child Kidnap Case: CCTV Footage Key to Child’s Rescue

Guwahati Child Kidnap

Guwahati, November 20, 2023: In a dramatic turn of events, a six-year-old child who was abducted in broad daylight in Guwahati’s Hatigaon area was rescued in a swift police operation

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The incident unfolded on Sunday in the Sijubari area of Hatigaon, a bustling neighborhood of Guwahati. According to the victim’s mother, the child was playing near their house on Kanaklata Road around 2:45 p.m. when the abduction occurred. An unidentified individual, riding a motorcycle without a number plate, approached the child. Using toys to entice the young victim, the abductor successfully lured and then took the child away.

Notably, the kidnapper had taken measures to conceal his identity by covering his face.

The family, upon discovering the disappearance of their child, wasted no time in alerting the authorities. An FIR was promptly lodged at the Hatigaon police station, triggering an immediate investigation.

The police, utilizing the resources at their disposal, including the examination of CCTV footage from the area, launched a full-scale operation.

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The breakthrough in the case came from the CCTV footage installed in the locality. The video evidence played a pivotal role in tracking the movements of the kidnapper, leading to a swift and successful rescue operation.

The child was found and safely returned to the family, much to their relief and gratitude. The police are continuing their investigation to apprehend the perpetrator of this crime.

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