Dispur Police Detain Prime Suspect in Anju Dorjee Murder Case

Anju Dorjee was found dead in an Apartment in Guwahati

Anju Dorjee Murder
Anju Dorjee Murder Case

Guwahati, November 20: In a significant development in the mysterious death of Anju Dorjee, Dispur Police have detained Mani Khan, her live-in partner, who is now the prime suspect in the case. Khan was apprehended last night from an undisclosed location in Guwahati.

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Mani Khan, who was missing since the discovery of Dorjee’s body, was detained in a covert operation. The police, acting on specific intelligence, managed to locate and apprehend Khan, who has been elusive since the investigation began.

Anju Dorjee Murder Case
Anju Dorjee with Mani Khan

Currently under police custody, Khan is being interrogated for his alleged involvement in the death of Anju Dorjee. The police are meticulously probing the circumstances that led to Dorjee’s death, with Khan being the focal point of their investigation.

Anju Dorjee, aged approximately 25-26, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her apartment in the Six-Mile locality of Guwahati. The case took a perplexing turn with revelations about her relationship with Mani Khan, a timber trader from Howly, Nalbari district. Khan, who is already married and a father, was in a live-in relationship with Dorjee, adding layers of complexity to the investigation.

The incident has caused a stir in the community, especially with its occurrence during the festive season of Diwali. Residents have been anxiously awaiting developments and are hopeful that justice will be served.

Awaiting Official Statement:
While the police have not yet released an official statement, the detention of Mani Khan marks a critical juncture in the investigation. The authorities are expected to provide more details as the interrogation progresses and the investigation unfolds.

The case of Anju Dorjee’s death has gripped the city, with many unanswered questions. The detention of Mani Khan is a significant step towards uncovering the truth behind this tragic incident. The community, along with Dorjee’s friends and family, are eagerly awaiting further developments and hoping for a swift resolution to this case.

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