Guwahati Police Officer and Journalist Arrested for Misappropriation of Seized Hawala Money

Guwahati Hawala Scandal: Rs 1.69 crore were seized on papers, actual amount was bigger

Guwahati Police Officer and Journalist Arrested for Misappropriation of Seized Hawala Money 2

Guwahati, November 30: In a startling turn of events, a police officer and a journalist in Guwahati have been arrested on charges of misappropriating funds seized during a crackdown on a hawala racket.

The incident, which occurred during an operation on November 22, 2023, has raised serious questions about the integrity of law enforcement and media professionals involved in anti-corruption operations.

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Details of the Incident:

Sub-Inspector Mubarak Ali of Bharalu Police Station and journalist Toufique Uddin Ahmed, employed by a private media house, were implicated in the scandal. The duo is accused of hiding a portion of the money seized during the operation against hawala transactions.

The November 22 Operation:

The operation, conducted by the Guwahati Police, was aimed at dismantling a hawala racket. It led to the seizure of a substantial amount of money from two individuals from Rajasthan, identified as Devkaran Sen and Manoj Kumar. The total amount seized was reported to be over Rs 1.69 crore.

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The Alleged Embezzlement:

Following the operation, allegations surfaced that SI Mubarak Ali and journalist Toufique Uddin Ahmed had conspired to hide a part of the seized funds. This act of embezzlement came to light during the subsequent investigation, leading to their arrest.

Investigation and Legal Proceedings:

The Guwahati Police, along with the Crime Branch, are rigorously investigating the case to ascertain the full extent of the misappropriation. Legal proceedings against the accused are underway, and the case is being closely monitored for further developments.

The arrest of a police officer and a journalist in such a case has sparked public outrage and calls for stringent action against those involved. It has also prompted a review of the protocols and oversight mechanisms in place during such operations.

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