Mahatma Gandhi Statue Vandalized in Goalpara Town, Locals Demand Action

Disrespect to Mahatma Gandhi Statue: Police Struggle for Leads Due to CCTV Malfunction

Mahatma Gandhi Statue

Goalpara, November 30: In a shocking act of disrespect, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, India’s revered freedom fighter, was vandalized last night at the BOC point in the heart of Goalpara Town, in lower Assam.

The incident has sparked outrage among the local community, who are demanding a thorough investigation. This is the second incident of Mahatma Gandhi statue vandalism in recent times.

The statue, situated near the local police control room and under the watch of CCTV cameras, was found defaced early this morning. Locals expressed disbelief and anger, questioning how such an act could occur in a well-surveilled area.

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According to preliminary reports, the CCTV cameras, which should have captured the incident, were found to be non-functional. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the maintenance of public security infrastructure in the town.

Mahatma Gandhi Statue (Goalpara)
Mahatma Gandhi Statue (Goalpara)

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The police have initiated an investigation into the vandalism. However, they have yet to release any statements regarding potential suspects or the cause of the CCTV malfunction. The absence of surveillance footage has complicated the investigation, leaving authorities to rely on eyewitness accounts and other forensic evidence.

The local community, still reeling from the incident, has gathered in solidarity, condemning the act and calling for justice. “Mahatma Gandhi is not just a national figure but a symbol of peace and non-violence. Vandalizing his statue is an act against these values we hold dear,” a local resident stated.

The incident has also sparked a debate on the adequacy of security measures in public places, especially those of historical and cultural significance. Questions are being raised about the regular maintenance and monitoring of CCTV systems in the area.

As the investigation continues, the community seeks not only the restoration of the statue but also assurances of enhanced security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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