What is Reserve Closed in Assam Police?

Meaning of Reserve Closed in Assam Police

What is Reserve Closed in Assam Police? 2

As a journalist, I have witnessed many incidents where police personnel, working in Assam Police and posted at a local police station or outpost, are transferred to district headquarters with immediate effect. Generally, this happens as a disciplinary action against the police personnel or any other staff in the police department. Here, I would like to explain the meaning of “Reserve Closed” in the context of Assam Police.

Meaning:Reserve Closed” is a form of disciplinary action taken against police personnel in Assam. It essentially implies a temporary suspension from active duty. Officers placed under Reserve Closed are usually attached to headquarters or police lines without specific assignments.

There can be several reasons for an Assam Police officer to be placed under this condition:

Serious Misconduct: This includes actions like dereliction of duty, insubordination, corruption, or criminal offences.
Pending Investigations: Reserve Closed may be used while an investigation into alleged misconduct is ongoing. This is to prevent interference with the investigation and protect the integrity of the process.
Preventive Measure: In some cases, Reserve Closed can be used as a preventive measure if an officer’s conduct poses a potential threat to the safety of others or compromises the reputation of the police force.


Loss of Active Duty: The officer is removed from their regular duties and may be assigned limited or no responsibilities.
Potential Salary Reduction: Pay may be reduced or withheld depending on the severity of the reason behind the disciplinary action.
Reputational Damage: Reserve Closed can negatively affect an officer’s reputation within the police force.
Further Action: The Reserve Closed period might be followed by more severe disciplinary action, including demotion or dismissal, depending on the outcome of investigations or the nature of the misconduct.

Important Notes:

Reserve Closed is a serious disciplinary measure, and the decision to implement it is generally taken after careful consideration. There are procedures in place to ensure that the rights of the police officer are protected and that due process is followed.

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