Breaking the Law: Assam Police Personnel Reserve Closed for Extrortion

Assam Police: OC Dhumerghat Nitu Baruah and Two Constables, HG Punished

Assam Police OC Suspended
OC Nitu Baruah (Left) and Constable Pinku Baruah

Guwahati, November 26: In a significant development in Assam’s law enforcement, four police personnel, including the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Dhumerghat Police Station, have been placed under Reserve Closed, a form of suspension, on charges of extortion.

According to reliable sources, Nitu Baruah, the Officer-in-Charge at Dhumerghat police station, has been subjected to Reserve Closed. Additionally, Superintendent of Police V V Rakesh Reddy has also imposed the same sanction on two other police constables, Pinku Baruah and Rakibul Islam, as well as home guard Sukumar Barman, for their alleged involvement in extorting and assaulting gamblers.

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This incident, occurring in the Goalpara district, has raised serious questions about the integrity and conduct of the police personnel in the region.

Charges: The charges stem from an incident during an eviction of illegal gambling activities in Dhumerghat, where the accused officers allegedly demanded money and assaulted gamblers with lathis, causing injuries.

Public Reaction: The incident has led to public outcry and concerns over police misconduct, especially in handling illegal activities.

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