Union Minister Bhagwat Karad Attends To Medical Emergency On Flight

Union Minister Bhagwat Karad, a pediatrician by qualification, on Tuesday helped a co-passenger who was feeling uneasy on a Delhi-Mumbai IndiGo flight.

According to a release from the office of the Union minister of state for finance, the passenger complained of giddiness mid-air due to a blood pressure issue and the former reached out and provided first aid.


Dr Karad helped stabilise the passenger after he fell down, it added.

A news agency shared photographs showing the man stretched out across a row of seats as Union Minister Bhagwat Karad helped him.

“Patient was sweating profusely & had low BP. I removed his clothes, raised his legs, rubbed his chest and gave glucose. He felt better after 30 minutes,” Union Minister Bhagwat Karad told the agency.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the “great gesture” of Union minister Bhagwat Karad. “A doctor at heart, always! Great gesture by my colleague,” PM Modi tweeted.

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