Sikkim: Governor Opens Raj Bhawan For Visitors, Reduces VIP Carcade

Sikkim : Raj Bhawan To Be Open For Visitors in New Year of 2022

Sikkim Governor Ganga Prasad has announced that the Raj Bhawan complex will be open to tourists and local visitors beginning in the New Year of 2022.

In the public interest, he also announced that the protocol officials accompanying him on his tours would be discontinued.


The Governor, speaking at a press conference at Raj Bhawan on Thursday, said he is ending the practise of having a vehicle convoy of officials accompanying him on his trips as per protocol.

The Governor’s VIP cacarde is accompanied by officials of the rank of district magistrate/SDM and SP/SDPO.

“The decision to do away with the practice of officials in the Governor’s VIP carcade has been taken in public interest. The vehicles accompanying the carcade consume fuels which is an unnecessary burden to the State exchequer. Besides, it creates air pollution and problems for smooth traffic flow causing public inconvenience,” said the Governor.

The concerned officials can make the best use of their time and stay in office for the greater good of the public, according to the Governor.

He added that because Sikkim is a peaceful state, there is no need to entrust extra security for the VIP carcade.


Only a pilot escort vehicle and a security vehicle would accompany the Governor on his journeys from now on.

Meanwhile, on January 1, 2022, the picturesque and historic Raj Bhawan complex will open to tourists and local visitors.


From an economic and tourism standpoint, we have decided to open the gates of Raj Bhawan to visitors, said the Governor.

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