Shillong’s Police Bazar to become a no-honking and pedestrian-only zone

Police Bazar is a Central Shopping Hub for Tourists and Locals

Shillong, April 5: In a bid to reduce noise pollution and ensure pedestrian safety, Meghalaya Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh has proposed to make Police Bazar, one of the most popular and crowded markets in Shillong, a no-honking and pedestrian-only zone. The minister visited the area on Tuesday and inspected the ground situation.

Police Bazar, known as Khyndailad, is a central shopping hub for locals and tourists. It offers a variety of products, from clothes and accessories to handicrafts and souvenirs. It also has several hotels, restaurants, cafes and street food stalls.

Police Bazar
Police Bazar Shillong

However, the area also suffers from traffic congestion, noise pollution and a lack of pedestrian space. The minister said that the amount of honking or blasting of horns occurring around the state, especially in front of hospitals, knows no bounds and that this should be addressed. He also said that Shillong has become poisonous in the sense that pedestrians are unable to walk freely.

The minister said that every task is possible as long as one is sincere about it, that problems will always arise, and that solutions must be found. He added that this is a significant problem that has been identified to ensure pedestrian safety and the general welfare of people.

Police Bazar
Police Bazar Shillong

The benefits of making Police Bazar a no-honking and pedestrian-only zone are manifold. It will reduce noise pollution and its adverse effects on health and well-being. It will also improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. It will create a more pleasant and peaceful environment for shoppers and visitors. It will also promote walking and cycling as healthy and eco-friendly modes of transport.

The plan to implement the proposal is yet to be finalized. The minister said that he would consult with various stakeholders, including traders, shopkeepers, hoteliers, transporters and civil society groups, before taking any decision. He also said that he will look into alternative arrangements for parking and traffic management.

The challenges or drawbacks of the plan are also significant. It may affect the business and livelihood of many people who depend on Police Bazar. It may also inconvenience commuters and travelers who use the area as a transit point. It may also face resistance from some sections of the public who may not be willing to change their habits or follow the rules.

The plan to make Police Bazar a no-honking and pedestrian-only zone is a bold and visionary initiative by the Meghalaya Tourism Minister. It aims to transform the area into a more livable and attractive destination for locals and tourists. It also reflects the state’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

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