Guwahati Airport: Sensitization Program for CISF Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Aaranyak Trains CISF at Guwahati Airport to Combat Wildlife Trade

Aranyak Training for CISF at Guwahati Airport
Aranyak Training Program for CISF at Guwahati Airport

Guwahati, Feb 27: The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International (LGBI) Airport in Guwahati has become a focal point in the battle against illegal wildlife trafficking, with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) stepping up its vigilance. In a significant move to fortify defences against this global menace, about 60 CISF personnel have received specialized training to detect and prevent wildlife crimes.

The training, conducted on February 22 and 23, was facilitated by Aaranyak, a respected organization dedicated to biodiversity conservation and research. This workshop is part of a larger effort to educate and equip CISF officers with the necessary tools to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, which has increasingly used air transport as a conduit for smuggling activities.

With the illegal wildlife market estimated to be worth a staggering 200 billion US dollars, the threat is not just to endangered species but also ties into larger issues of global criminal activities, including drug cartels. Aaranyak has highlighted the urgent need for heightened security measures at airports, given their role as strategic nodes in smuggling networks.

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The senior management of Aaranyak, including Senior Manager Ivy Farheen Hussain, emphasized the importance of understanding the patterns of wildlife crime and the operations of smuggling rackets. These criminal syndicates are known to leverage various routes and methods, often with the complicity of corrupt elements within airport operations, to move contraband across borders.

The workshop shed light on the most traded illegal wildlife products, which include high-value items such as tiger parts, pangolin scales, ivory products, and rhino horns. These items are sought after for their supposed medicinal properties and as luxury items in certain cultures.

The CISF personnel, including female staff, actively participated in the sessions, engaging with the instructors to better understand their role in this international issue. They also had the opportunity to respond to various queries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the operational tactics employed by smugglers.

This initiative underscores the CISF’s commitment to safeguarding not just the airport’s security but also contributing to a global effort to protect endangered species. The workshop at LGBI Airport is a testament to the proactive steps being taken to address a pressing international crisis from Assam’s doorstep.

The fight against illegal wildlife trafficking is an ongoing challenge, and the CISF at LGBI Airport is at the forefront, armed with knowledge and a resolute determination to make a difference.

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