Revolutionary Robotic Surgery Debuts at GMCH

Gauhati Medical College Hospital Makes History with First Robotic Surgery

Representative Image: Robotic Surgery
Representative Image: Robotic Surgery

Guwahati, November 25: In a groundbreaking medical advancement, the Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) in Assam has successfully conducted its first robotic surgery, marking a new era in the state’s healthcare sector.

The pioneering surgery was performed using a state-of-the-art robot, brought in from Mumbai, in the orthopedic department of GMCH.

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Dr. Abhijit Sharma, the Superintendent of GMCH, expressed his optimism about the new technology, stating, “The successful implementation of robotic surgery is a giant leap for GMCH. If this proves successful on a larger scale, we plan to acquire this technology permanently, enhancing our surgical precision and patient recovery times.”

Robotic surgery, known for its precision and reduced risk of complications, allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with more flexibility and control than traditional techniques. The technology is particularly beneficial in orthopedic surgeries, where precision is crucial.

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This advancement is expected to significantly improve the quality of medical care in Assam. Patients requiring advanced surgical procedures, who previously had to travel to other states, can now receive treatment closer to home. This not only reduces the logistical burden on patients but also positions Assam as a hub for advanced medical care in the Northeast.

The successful integration of robotic surgery at GMCH could pave the way for more such technologies in Assam’s healthcare sector. It also opens up opportunities for training and research in robotic surgery for medical professionals in the region.

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