Hyderabad Company Develops LED That Kills Covid Virus

A Hyderabad-based company has developed indoor lighting, ‘Raypure’, that claims to kill 95 percent of COVID-19 virus present in a physical setting within 60 minutes.

Ledchip Indus Private Limited has developed human-friendly ‘on UV’ (ultraviolet) light which kills bacteria and gives light too, as compared to the UV light developed by Niels Finsen in 1903 which was harmful to humans.


The ‘Raypure’ light will be launched by the electronic manufacturers at the Public Health Innovations Conclave (PHIC) between November 12-14 at the Hitex Exhibition Center, said a company press release.

In the press release, the company said that the product has been tested and validated by the Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology (CCMB), the premier research organization in frontier areas of modern biology, in August 2021.

“This exclusive expo on Public Health, is a first of its kind in India, featuring innovation, technology, and best practices in public health to deal with ‘Life after Pandemic’,” said Managing Director of LED chip Indus Private limited, Vijay Gupta.

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