BSF Guwahati Frontier Marks Significant Achievements in Border Security

Over 5,000 Cattle Seized and Hundreds of Smugglers Arrested in 11-Month Operation

D K Yadav, IG, BSF-Guwahati-frontier briefing the media

Guwahati, December 1: In a significant stride towards bolstering border security, the Border Security Force (BSF) Guwahati Frontier has reported substantial achievements in its operations along the India-Bangladesh border.

As the force commemorates its 59th year, it has successfully seized a considerable number of cattle and apprehended numerous smugglers in a period spanning eleven months.

In its annual press briefing, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Inspector General (IG) of Border Security Force (BSF), Guwahati Frontier, has highlighted its remarkable achievements and initiatives in securing the challenging Indo-Bangladesh border. Spanning 509 kilometers across West Bengal and Assam, including a 91.726-kilometer riverine stretch, the frontier has faced unique topographical and socio-political challenges.

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Kulwant Rai Sharma, the acting Principal Staff Officer and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Guwahati Frontier presided over the press conference, which was attended by the Manoj Kumar Yadav and several other officers.

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BSF Guwahati Frontier Marks Significant Achievements in Border Security 5

Operational Excellence and Vigilance

Throughout 2023, the BSF Guwahati Frontier has demonstrated exceptional vigilance and effectiveness in curbing trans-border crimes. The year witnessed significant seizures totaling approximately Rs. 12 Crores, including cattle, pharmaceuticals, gold, narcotics, and counterfeit Indian currency. The frontier’s efforts led to the apprehension of 47 Bangladeshi nationals and 186 Indian nationals involved in various illicit activities.

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Strengthening International Cooperation

A key highlight of the year was the improved cooperation with the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). The Inspector General Level talks held in September 2023 fostered a positive dialogue on border management and mutual interests. Joint patrols and confidence-building measures have contributed to a more secure and peaceful border environment.

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Community Engagement and Disaster Response

The BSF Guwahati Frontier has actively engaged in community welfare through Civic Action Programs and Medical Camps. Pre-recruitment training and coaching for local youth aspiring to join armed forces have been a significant focus. The force’s prompt response in medical emergencies and natural calamities has reinforced its role as a first responder for border populations.

Celebrating National Events and Environmental Initiatives

The frontier actively participated in national events, including Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations. The observance of Anti-Terrorism Day and International Yoga Day highlighted the force’s commitment to national security and well-being. Environmental initiatives like the plantation of over 170,000 saplings under the Mission Lifestyle For Environment (LIFE) campaign underscored BSF’s commitment to nature conservation.

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Internal Welfare and Recognition

Internally, the Guwahati Frontier has prioritized the welfare of its troops and their families. Efforts to address their concerns and provide a supportive environment have been commendable. The frontier’s approach has not only enhanced border security but also won the hearts of the border population through its humane and nature-friendly approach.


The BSF Guwahati Frontier’s achievements in 2023 reflect its unwavering commitment to national security and community welfare. The frontier’s multifaceted approach, balancing stringent security measures with community engagement and environmental conservation, sets a benchmark for border security forces globally.

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