Assam State Zoo’s Newest Member ‘Parijat’

From Birth to Naming: ‘Parijat’ the Giraffe Becomes a Symbol of Joy at Assam Zoo

Assam State Zoo's Newest Member 'Parijat' 3

Guwahati, December 2023: The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, a beacon of wildlife conservation and education in Guwahati, recently celebrated a significant milestone with the birth of a baby giraffe. This joyous event has now reached a new chapter with the naming of the giraffe calf as ‘Parijat.’

The birth of the giraffe, which quickly captivated the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts and the general public, marked a noteworthy addition to the zoo’s diverse family of species. Initially, the Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to Twitter to share the news and invited the public to participate in a unique initiative – suggesting names for the newborn giraffe.

Assam State Zoo: Parijat
Assam State Zoo: Parijat

The response was overwhelming, with over 350 suggestions pouring in from enthusiastic participants. The final name, ‘Parijat,’ was chosen through a lucky draw, as revealed in a recent tweet by the Chief Minister. This name not only symbolizes the unique bond between the community and the wildlife but also reflects the cultural richness of Assam.

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The early days of ‘Parijat’ were challenging, as the calf was rejected by its mother shortly after birth. However, the dedicated efforts of wildlife specialists from Mumbai, in collaboration with the zoo authorities, ensured the calf’s survival and well-being.

In addition to announcing the name, Chief Minister Sarma also shared plans for the zoo’s future. An impressive budget of Rs 350 crore has been allocated for the comprehensive development of the zoo, promising to add more attractions and enhance the visitor experience.

The naming of ‘Parijat’ is not just a celebration of a new life but also a testament to the Assam State Zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation. The zoo, housing a wide range of species, plays a crucial role in educating the public about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

As ‘Parijat’ begins its journey in the Assam State Zoo, the authorities and the public alike are filled with anticipation and joy, looking forward to witnessing the growth and contributions of this adorable giraffe calf to the zoo’s vibrant ecosystem.

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