Assam News: Major Political Shift in the State: Key Leaders Exit Congress and TMC, Join BJP

Assam News: Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Welcomes the move

Assam News : Assam BJP leaders with newly joined former INC and TMC members

Guwahati, November 12 – In a significant political development in Assam, the Congress and the Trinamool Congress (TMC) have faced major setbacks as key leaders from both parties announced their resignation to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This move is seen as a “Big Blow” to both the Indian National Congress (INC) and TMC in the state.

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Suresh Bora, the Nagaon District Congress President, Paritosh Roy, the Working President of the Assam Pradesh Youth Congress, and Dilip Sarma, General Secretary of TMC, have declared their resignations, marking a decisive turn in Assam’s political landscape. Their decision to join the BJP was announced on Twitter by the BJP Assam Pradesh official handle, highlighting a significant shift in the state’s political dynamics.

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Himanta Biswa Sarma, a prominent BJP leader and the current Chief Minister of Assam, took to Twitter to express his views on this development. Sarma emphasized that those dedicated to working for the nation and Assam have no place in dynastic and family-centric parties, asserting that the BJP is the only party working in the nation’s interest. He welcomed the new members joining the BJP, aligning with his vision of serving the country.

The departure of these key figures is a considerable loss for the Congress and TMC in Assam. It not only weakens their organizational strength but also signals a possible shift in the political allegiance of their supporters. This development is a significant advantage for the BJP, which has consolidated its position in Assam and the Northeastern region.

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Political analysts view this development as a strategic move by the BJP to strengthen its foothold in Assam, where it has already gained ground. Including leaders from other parties is seen as a tactic to diminish the opposition’s influence, especially in the wake of upcoming elections.

The recent resignations and the subsequent joining of these leaders to the BJP mark a critical phase in Assam’s political narrative. It reflects the changing dynamics and the continuous evolution of political alliances in the state. How this will impact Assam’s upcoming elections and political future remains a subject of keen interest and speculation.

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