KIA se Kya Kya Hota Hain: The Moo-sterious Case of the Four-Legged Passengers!

Guwahati, October 30, 2023: “KIA se Kya Kya Hota Hain!” exclaimed the Guwahati Police in a tweet that’s turning heads and raising eyebrows. In a daring operation, the police force rescued “4 Special Passengers” from a brand new KIA Sonet at Jorabat. But hold your horses; these weren’t your everyday commuters. They were, in fact, cows—illegally smuggled and packed into the passenger vehicle like sardines in a can.

Guwahati News Cow 1
Baharul Islam

The Mastermind Behind the Wheel

The tweet further revealed that another “special guest,” Baharul Islam of Samaguri, was “welcomed in Police Station Lock Up.” A known cattle smuggler, Baharul Islam, was caught red-handed in this bovine escapade.

The Cow Trail to Bangladesh

It’s no secret that cow smugglers leave no stone unturned to smuggle cows towards Bangladesh via Guwahati. From trucks to even passenger vehicles like a KIA Sonet, the smugglers are getting creative, as are the Guwahati Police.

Guwahati News Cow 2
Cows inside KIA

Comments on the Tweet

The tweet has gone viral, with netizens lauding the police force’s ingenuity in both the operation and their social media game. “This is how you moo-ve the narrative,” commented one user, while another added, “Steer clear, smugglers, the Guwahati Police are onto you!”

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