Assam News: Senior Officials in Assam’s Legal Metrology Department Arrested for Bribery

Assam News: Sr Asst Naba Kr. Sarma and Insp. Diganta Borah Arrested

Assam News

Guwahati, November 17: In another crackdown on corruption within government departments, the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, Assam, has apprehended two high-ranking officials from the Legal Metrology Department on bribery charges.

The first official detained is Naba Kr Sarma, a Senior Assistant in the Legal Metrology Department, Nalbari District. He was arrested in a hotel while accepting a bribe of ₹1 Lakh. The bribe was reportedly for the renewal of a license for a petrol pump located in Dhamdhama, Nalbari.

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Assam News: Senior Officials in Assam's Legal Metrology Department Arrested for Bribery 3

According to the Directorate’s tweet, Sarma was caught red-handed after accepting a bribe. The bribe was allegedly for renewing a Legal Metrology Certificate for a complainant’s petrol pump. This act was not isolated, as Sarma was accused of conspiring with another department official, Diganta Borah.

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The Directorate revealed that Diganta Borah, an Inspector in the same department, was also apprehended in the same operation. Borah is accused of demanding and accepting the bribe through Sarma, indicating a deeper level of conspiracy within the department.

The Directorate’s swift action underscores its commitment to rooting out corruption and maintaining integrity within government services.

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This incident has raised serious questions about the prevalence of corrupt practices in government departments and the need for more stringent oversight mechanisms. It also highlights the role of vigilant agencies and the importance of public reporting in combating corruption.

The Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, Assam, has not yet released further details about the investigation or the legal proceedings that will follow.

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