ASTC Revolutionizes Urban Transport in Assam with City Cabs and Digital Payments

The new ASTC service promises an enhanced travel experience

Inaugural Ceremony of ASTC City Cabs

Guwahati, November 17, 2023: In a landmark move that promises to transform the urban transportation landscape in Assam, the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) has officially launched its City Cabs service, coupled with an innovative digital payment system.

This initiative, inaugurated by Assam Transport Minister Shri Parimal Suklabaidya, marks a significant stride towards modernizing and digitizing public transport services in the state.

Integration of Digital Payments with PhonePe

The ASTC has embraced the digital age by integrating Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transactions, including QR code scans, into its services. This integration, powered by the popular digital payment platform PhonePe, aligns with the national Digital India Initiative. It allows commuters to effortlessly purchase bus tickets and pay for cab rides through their smartphones, enhancing the convenience factor significantly.

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Minister’s Vision for a Digital Future

In a tweet, Shri Parimal Suklabaidya expressed his excitement about this development, stating, “Thrilled to commercially launch the ASTC City Cabs service for Guwahati city & also ASTC’s collaboration with ‘PhonePe’ today at Assam Startup Auditorium. The city cabs service by ASTC will surely benefit the commuters of Guwahati immensely.”

He further emphasized the alignment of this initiative with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, viewing it as a “giant leap towards our goal of digitizing the citizen-centric services.”

ASTC City Cabs: A New Era in Commuting

The ASTC City Cabs service, which has been operational for three months in Guwahati, features a fleet of well-maintained cabs. These can be easily booked through a dedicated mobile application, offering real-time tracking, seamless payment options, and a platform for feedback. The commercial launch also includes the integration of the ASTC City Cabs app with PhonePe, simplifying transactions for both drivers and passengers.

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Facilitating Travelers at LGBI Airport

In a move to cater to inbound passengers at LGBI Airport, ASTC City Cabs will initiate online cab booking through post-paid counters/kiosks. This service is particularly aimed at those who may not have access to the mobile app, ensuring convenience for all travellers.

Commitment to Enhancing Public Transportation

This introduction of digital solutions and the ASTC City Cabs service underscores ASTC’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve public transportation in Assam. The corporation continues to explore innovative ways to provide top-tier transportation experiences for its customers.

The launch of ASTC City Cabs and the integration of digital payment solutions represent a significant milestone in the journey towards a more connected, efficient, and user-friendly urban transportation system in Assam. This initiative not only enhances the commuting experience but also contributes to the broader vision of a digitally empowered India.

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