Assam DGP GP Singh Criticizes ULFA-I for Executions: Calls Them ‘Ungrateful Tyrants’

ULFA-I Executions Spark Outcry in Assam

The recent executions of ULFA-I cadres have sent shockwaves across Assam, prompting Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP), GP Singh, to issue stern warnings to the youth against joining such ‘despotic organizations.’

A String of Executions

In a series of unfortunate events, ULFA-I (United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent) has reportedly executed multiple cadres for attempting to flee their camps in Myanmar. Abinash Kalita, a youth from Assam’s Bajali district, and Tanmoy Bora alias Dwip Axom are among the latest victims. Both were executed for trying to escape from the ULFA-I camp, highlighting the grim reality faced by those who joined the organization.

Assam DGP GP Singh Criticizes ULFA-I for Executions

DGP GP Singh’s Warning

In light of the recent executions within ULFA-I, Assam’s Director General of Police, GP Singh, took to Twitter to express his concerns and question the actions of the extremist group. Echoing the sentiments of the father of the deceased ULFA-I cadre Abinash Kalita, Singh tweeted, “My question remains the same – ‘Why waste your life for an ungrateful tyrant.'”

The DGP further questioned the extremist group’s decision to execute those who attempted to leave, stating, “You should have allowed them to go home. Why should you kill them??” These tweets serve as a stern warning to the youth of Assam, urging them to reconsider joining such organizations and highlighting the grim conditions within the ULFA-I camps.

Abinash Kalita, ULFA-I cadre executed by the banned outfit
Abinash Kalita, ULFA-I cadre executed by the banned outfit

Internal Criticism Within ULFA-I

Anup Chetia, the General Secretary of the Pro-Talk ULFA faction, criticized ULFA-I leader Paresh Baruah, stating that they can “only survive but cannot succeed.” This internal criticism adds another layer to the narrative, suggesting possible fractures within ULFA-I and contrasting stances between the two factions.

The Condition of ULFA-I Camps

Reports suggest that the condition of ULFA-I camps is below standard, with cadres being fed only ‘Parimal Rice’ and ‘Lai Xaak’ (Mustard Greens) twice daily. The father of the deceased Abinash Kalita claimed that many youths have died in the camp due to the scarcity of food.

Implications and Future Outlook

The recent events could serve as a wake-up call for the youth in Assam, deterring them from joining extremist organizations. As Assam grapples with the impact of these executions, the warnings from DGP GP Singh serve as a timely reminder of the risks involved in joining extremist organizations. It remains to be seen how these events will shape the future of ULFA-I and the choices made by the youth in Assam.

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