ANRPC Delegation Explores Rubber Cultivation Potential During Visit to Meghalaya’s Nursery

ANRPC is Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries

October 14, 2023: A team of 22 delegates representing 13 countries from the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) embarked on a visit to a rubber nursery in Umshru village, Jirang constituency, Meghalaya.

The initiative was organized as a part of the 13th ANRPC Annual Rubber Conference held in Guwahati, Assam, on October 9, 2023. Operated by the successful private firm Omega Green Solutions, the rubber nursery in Umshru village spans an impressive 40-acre area solely dedicated to cultivating high-quality rubber seedlings.

ANRPC delegation at Rubber Nursery in Umshru, Meghalaya
ANRPC delegation at Rubber Nursery in Umshru, Meghalaya

Omega Green Solutions has earned accolades for their efforts in the establishment and operation of rubber nurseries in both Assam and Meghalaya. Notably, the firm has contributed significantly to employment generation for local youths in these regions. The establishment of rubber nurseries in Meghalaya has been supported by the Central Rubber Board, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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ANRPC delegation and Rubber Board India officials at Rubber Nursery in Umshru, Meghalaya

The government body has introduced various comprehensive schemes and subsidies aimed at incentivizing rubber production in North Eastern states. The primary objective of these initiatives is to boost domestic natural rubber production, reducing reliance on imported rubber from foreign countries.

Upon arrival at the rubber seedling production site, the ANRPC delegation received a warm welcome from the people of Meghalaya and Assam. The delegates were treated to captivating performances of local cultural dances, including Bihu, Rabha, and Mizo.

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A View of the Nursery located at Umshru village

Following the warm reception, a meeting was held in a temporary auditorium near the nursery, where the delegation was honored by M Vasanthagesan, the Executive Director of the Rubber Board. Central Rubber Board Deputy Commissioner for Rubber Production VK Sakeer, Director (Finance) Josh George and other officials participated in the programme.

The officials of the rubber board, India explained the entire process of Rubber Sibling cultivation to the delegates of ANRPC. Additionally, the delegates had the opportunity to interact with the staff and workers of Omega Green Solutions. They were deeply impressed by the company’s dedication and achievements in the field.

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A view of the Nursery at Umshru visited by ANRPC delegation

The delegates expressed keen interest in further exploring rubber cultivation practices in the region and exploring potential collaborations.

The ANRPC delegation comprised representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Côte d’Ivoire. Established in 1970, the ANRPC is an intergovernmental organization aimed at fostering cooperation among natural rubber-producing countries. Currently accounting for approximately 90% of the world’s natural rubber production and consumption, the ANRPC plays a pivotal role in the global rubber industry.

The visit to the rubber nursery in Meghalaya served as an excellent opportunity for the ANRPC delegates to witness firsthand the potential for rubber cultivation in the region. The knowledge, insights, and possible collaborations gained from this visit are expected to contribute significantly to the collective efforts of boosting natural rubber production and reducing dependence on imports for meeting domestic demands.

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