Mani Khan Remanded in Judicial Custody in Anju Dorjee Death Case

Anju Dorjee and Mani Khan: A Complex Relationship Ends in Tragedy

Anju-Dorjee Murder
Anju Dorjee with Mani Khan

Guwahati, Nov 28: The investigation into the mysterious death of Anju Dorjee has taken a significant turn as Mani Khan, the prime suspect in the case, has been remanded in judicial custody by a lower court in Guwahati.

Details of the Judicial Custody:

Mani Khan, who was detained on November 19 after the examination of CCTV footage from the apartment where the alleged murder occurred, was arrested on November 20 following interrogation.

Initially, Khan was produced before a lower court and was sent to 5-day police custody. Upon completion of this period, he was remanded to judicial custody on November 27.

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Background of the Case:

The case began with the discovery of Anju Dorjee’s body on November 12 in her rental residence in Purbasha Apartment, located in Guwahati’s Six Mile area. Dorjee, originally hailing from Bokajan, was in a live-in relationship with Mani Khan.

Khan, reportedly married and a father of two, had been absconding after the police recovered Dorjee’s body.

Investigation Progress:

The police, after a thorough examination of the CCTV footage from the apartment covering 15 days, were able to identify and apprehend Khan. This development marked a crucial breakthrough in the case, which had been shrouded in mystery since the discovery of Dorjee’s body.

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Community Reaction:

The case has garnered significant attention and caused a stir in the local community. The mysterious circumstances of Dorjee’s death and the subsequent revelation of her relationship with Khan, who was already married, have raised many questions and concerns among the public.

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Legal Proceedings:

The legal proceedings are ongoing, with Mani Khan now in judicial custody. The court’s decision to remand Khan indicates the seriousness of the charges against him and the progress of the investigation.

The Anju Dorjee murder case remains a high-profile investigation in Guwahati. With Mani Khan in judicial custody, the focus is now on the legal process and the uncovering of further details about the circumstances leading to Dorjee’s death. The community and Dorjee’s family are awaiting justice and hoping for a swift resolution to this tragic case.

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