Woman Gives Birth to Conjoined Twin Girls in Barpeta

In a repeat of the 2017 case of a woman delivering conjoined twins at Barpeta district, another woman gave birth to twin daughters joined at the head and faces in opposite directions.

As was the 2017 case, here too the woman delivered the twins at home.

The verisimilitude of the births has created a sensation in the area.

According to information available, in the Pakabetbari village of Sarukhetri LAC in Barpeta district, the wife of Rupsan Ali, gave birth to the conjoined twins a couple of days ago.

The babies are healthy and stable.

On receiving information about the incident, the curious local people made a beeline for Rupsan Ali’s residence. Locals say that they have never seen such twins.

It may be mentioned here that the poor family is worried about the health of the two children and is expecting assistance from the Assam government as well as the philanthropists.

According to medical experts, conjoined twin occurs at the frequency of approximately 1 in 50-60,000 births. The aetiology remains obscure but the most accepted theory is incomplete division of the monozygotic embryo occurs at 13-15 days post ovulation. 

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