Wild Elephants Destroy Houses, Paddy, Sugarcane Fields

The marauding wild elephants in Kehroni area entered Nawgharwa Basti village located within the general area of Kheroni at around 11:00 pm and destroyed houses and cultivated areas.

The herd of elephnats has been roaming the area for last one week.

In the attack under reference, the house of one Arati Devi of Nowgharwa Basti village was smashed and household properties damaged.


The elephants pilfered rice bags, smashed one furniture, one television, one bicycle, paddy seeds, household utensils, etc. said the villagers.

Villagers of the area affirmed that they constantly experience load-shedding every time elephants mount an attack or enter the village.

Till date, maximum incidents of man-elephant conflicts have taken place at the Southern Forest Range, under which the area falls.

But the authority has reportedly not bothered to lift even a finger to drive out the marauding herds to their natural habitat or protect the villages from repeated assaults.

Herds of wild elephants had also ventured into the Dikreng region within Kheroni Police Station of West Karbi Anglong district sending alarm bells ringing among villagers of the area.

Further, the area is under persistent attack by wild elephants as the sugarcane crop has matured in the nearby Kheroni region, which is in the vicinity of human habitation.

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