Two Men Rape Widow, Chop Her Fingers in Assam’s Cachar Dist

In a brutal sexual assault, two men allegedly raped a widow and later chopped off her fingers.

The crime took place in Punihawai, Dholai in Cachar district of Assam and despite the fact that the complaint has been filed two weeks ago, police are yet to apprehend the culprits.

The victim is a widow who lives alone with her infant son.

According to sources, two men from Bidyaratanpur village, Maniruddin and Riyaz, barged into the victim’s home by smashing the wall with a sharp weapon at 4 am on October 25.

Survivor and her son were sleeping when one of the accused kidnapped her son and threatened to kill him while the other assaulted her after that tried to murder her with a machete.

In the incident, the lady lost four fingers on her left hand..As per victim, the perpetrators are from a wealthy family who have bribed the police.

The survivor claimed that she spends her evenings begging on the streets and in public places, and that she is living in utter poverty with her infant son.

The accused had threatened her regarding police cases and warned her not to return home, she claimed.

Two accused persons have been arrested and they are being interrogated.

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