Severed Legs of Woman Found in Guwahati

GUWAHATI, Oct 30: In a bizarre incident, chopped up body parts of a woman has been recovered from a drain in the Khanapara area of Guwahati.

The body was found to be chopped into pieces and wrapped in a plastic bag which was later thrown in a drain.

As per early information, only the legs of the woman were recovered while police is searching for other parts.

This is the second incident of this type in Guwahati in the recent past.

Recently, the Guwahati Police recovered the chopped body parts of a woman at her residence in Boragaon.

The woman was previously reported missing by her husband.

As per reports, the woman’s body was cut into many pieces and was wrapped in plastic bags which were found in the bedroom of the deceased.

The residence in which the couple lived was a rented apartment.

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