River Dolphin Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances in Assam

The endangered River Dolphin, the aquatic animal of Assam, is under threat of extinction.

The body of another river dolphin was found by locals on Thursday evening as it made splashes in the river between Rudrapada and Dhenukhanda hills of Tezpur in Assam’s Sonitpur district.

Local people, who initially thought of it as a big fish, brought the injured Dolphin entangled in a net out of water.

Despite their efforts, the dolphin died.

It may be recalled that the forest department has already mentioned that there are 220 Dolphins in Vishwanath, Shilghat, Bhomoraguri, Rudrapad, Devisingh Ghat and Shingri in 119 kilometres of the Brahmaputra from Vishwanath Ghat to Shingri in Sonitpur.

However, the body of the Dolphin, which was tied to the bank of the Brahmaputra, disappeared mysteriously.

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