Nurse Who Assisted Around 5000 Baby Births Dies During Own Delivery

A government hospital nurse who helped 5000 women in deliveries, died while delivering her own baby in the same hospital on Sunday.

Jyoti Gavli (38) was working in the neonatal department of the local government hospital in Hingoli in Maharashtra.

Gavli worked as a nurse in both normal and caesarean deliveries.

Gavli, a well-liked nurse, was admitted in the same hospital for her own delivery. She gave birth to a baby through caesarean operation.

The baby was born healthy but her own health suddenly took a turn for the worse and she consequently died in the Nanded government hospital.

After delivery her bleeding was unstoppable and she was shifted to the Nanded hospital where she could not survive.

During treatment in Nanded hospital, Gavli’s condition did not improve and she faced problems while breathing.

After this, it was decided that she should be shifted to Aurangabad hospital but before this could be done, she died in a private hospital in Nanded, where she was at last shifted for better treatment as her condition was not improving.

Although there was some improvement in her recovery at one point, her condition again deteriorated as she was again having problems breathing and ultimately she died.

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