Mother Chases Leopard, Saves Son!

A mother ran for almost a kilometer and chased a leopard that had picked up her six-year-old son in Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh.

The mother, identified as Kiran Bega, was working at around 7 pm while her husband Shankar Bega was out for some work.

The leopard attacked Kiran and picked up her 6-year-old son sitting next to her.

But the courageous mother did not give up and decided to run after the man eater, who was forced to leave the child and save its life.

The mother and child suffered some injuries in the incident and were taken to Kusmi Government Hospital for treatment.

The incident took place in Sanjay Tiger buffer zone of Barijharia village of Tomsar range surrounded by forests and hilly areas.

Talking to the media, Kiran said, ‘I saw the leopard picking up my son. I quickly ran after the leopard and chased it for about 1 km. The leopard was holding my son in his mouth. Chasing me, I started lashing the leopard with sticks. The miscreant had to run away leaving my child in the middle as many people came out of their homes after hearing my voice. I had to show courage otherwise I would never get my child back.’

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