MoneyView: How To Get Online Loan From Money View App instantly?

MoneyView: Online Loan App

MoneyView is an amazing instant loan app. Here I have written only what I experienced with this app.

Why Do We Need Loan?

We sometimes face situations where we need money for certain unexpected events, which we can not arrange on ower own.

In that situation, we depend on our family members or friends to arrange that. But when we come across such situations multiple times, it feels uneasy to approach them for it again.

In that situation, we need a loan.

moneyview loan app

Why Take a Loan From Online Loan App?

Everyone who has visited Banks for a loan knows how long and complex the process it is to convince Bank Manager to provide you with a loan. Even if you have done transactions in your bank for a long, the process of getting loan money is too long.

So, many times, we cannot arrange money from Banks when it is required the most. So, here comes the role of NBFCs. Many NBFCs are now equipped with AI & other techniques which can instantly approve a loan to eligible persons.

Why MoneyView?

I have tried most online loan apps starting including Cashbean, Kissht, Rufilo, KreditBee, IDFC, and many more. One of the best loan apps, I found trustworthy is MoneyView.

I have taken loans from this app twice. You can read more about my experience with Money View Loan App here.

How To Get an Online Loan From MoneyView?

Most people who have searched the web for online loan apps must have heard the name of this online loan app. I came across it when I was using Airtel Thanks App.

I think I was suggested for it depending on my online recharge history. I use it to recharge my mobile, and broadband as well as pay my bills using Airtel Thanks App.

After getting a loan offer from this app, I followed the link which led me to the official website of MoneyView.

After filing the necessary information, I got the loan amount credited to my bank in minutes.

Anyone who needs an online loan can definitely try this unique app which uses Artificial Intelligence to choose the right customer.

Money View Loan Eligibility :

Interested people can directly visit their official website here, & check their eligibility for online credit.

I believe, if you have a poor loan repayment history, then you will be denied a loan from most of the online loan platforms.

If you are serious about timely loan repayment, then you are the right candidate for these loan apps.

Money View Loan Interest Rate :

The rate of interest is starting from 1.33% per month. I got a loan of INR 50,000.00 at a 24% per annum interest rate, ie. 2% per month.

Money View Loan EMI Payment :

It is very much necessary to pay your EMIs on time. In my case, my monthly EMIs were deducted automatically from my Bank as I had enabled auto-debit for it.

If your EMIs fail due to a low balance, then you can manually pay your EMIs with an additional 2% per month on the overdue EMI/Principal loan amount.

Most Online App Prefer Salaried Persons for loans, but despite being self-employed, MoneyView provided me with a loan which was INR 50,000.00.

There are certain loan apps, where loan repayment tenure is only 15 days also with high rate of interest. But, apps likes MoneyView costs much less to its customers compared to them.

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