Mentally ill Mason Arrested For killing 5 People Including Police Officer

A mentally ill mason in Tripura’s Khowai went on a rampage on Friday night, attacking several people with a shovel and killing five, including his two children and a police officer.

Police said Pradeep Devrai, a mason by trade, was suffering from depression and had stopped talking to people.

He suddenly turned violent on Friday night and attacked his family with asharp weapon, killing his two daughters and elder brother. His wife, Meena, was seriously injured in the assault but managed to evade Devrai and hide.

Devrai then burst out of his home and went door to door in the neighbourhood.

Terrified neighbours locked themselves in their homes, before some worked up the courage to emerge outside to try to drive away the shovel-wielding Devrai. Others called the police.

In the meantime, Devrai spied an autorickshaw approaching the locality. Krishna Das and his son Karanbir were travelling in the autorickshaw. Devrai took his shovel to the two passengers, killing the father on the spot and grievously wounding the son.


Soon, a police team reached the scene and tried to apprehend Devrai. Satyajit Malik, second officer of Khowai police station, was injured in the altercation. He later succumbed to his wounds.

“Five people including a police official died after a mason turned violent and attacked his own family members. Two of his daughters, his elder brother, a passer-by and a second officer of Khowai police stations died due to the gruesome attacks,” Tripura Director General of Police (DGP) VS Yadav said.

Pradeep Devrai was placed under arrest. Police said several people were injured during Devrai’s rampage. Further investigation is underway.

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