MBA Chaiwala Opens Guwahati Outlet

Communicate Your Skills, Follow Your Dreams: MBA Chaiwala

As promised, the MBA Chaiwala, a multi-crore tea outlet across India, has opened it specialty masala tea outlet in Guwahati on Monday.

This is the first of the MBA Chaiwala outlet in the Northeast.

Across the country, the multi-crore MBA Chaiwala has now over two dozen outlets.

The Guwahati outlet is situated at Bora Service area on GS Road.


MBA Chaiwala Prafull Billore in Guwahati

Thanking Guwahati for welcoming his outlet, Prafull Billore, who set up the tea outlets, said, “Assam and Guwahati are world famous for its tea.

And now the MBA Chaiwala has come to Guwahati, lovers of tea can enjoy the double engine taste of Assam tea with MBA Chaiwala.”

The tea outlets are owned by Billore, the son of a farmer from Labravda village in Madhya Pradesh.

After failing to pass the Common Admission Test (CAT) despite three years of preparation.

Instead of doing MBA, he then decided to follow his ambition of becoming an entrepreneur by founding a chai shop.


Mr Billore Ahmedabad was the original name of the shop, but because many of his visitors couldn’t say it right, he changed it to MBA Chaiwala.

MBA also served as a metaphor for his ideal degree, and he has been marketing tea under that name.

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