Leopard Strays Into Classroom, Injures Student

Leopard Attacks Students Before Being Locked up in Classroom

In a shocking incident in Aligarh, a leopard strayed into a school and attacked a student before being locked up in a classroom.

This incident took place at Chaudhary Nihal Singh Inter College in Aligarh’s Chharra area on Wednesday.

The incident caused a huge commotion among people who gathered outside the school in large numbers as college staff waited for forest officers to arrive and rescue the leopard.

Describing the moment he was attacked by the leopard, the student, Lucky Raj Singh, said that he saw the animal just as he entered the classroom.

Singh said when he tried to run after seeing the wild animal, it attacked him, biting him on the back and arms.

According to reports, Singh has suffered minor injuries due to the attack and is now out of hospital too. He is recovering at his home.

Meanwhile, Yogesh Yadav, principal of Chaudhary Nihal Singh Inter College, claimed that the leopard came on the campus when the students were entering the college in the morning.

He said when a student tried to run after seeing the leopard strolling around, he was attacked by the animal.

Further giving an update on the student’s health, Yadav said that the boy was now fine and recovering at home.

Describing how the animal was locked up, the principal said that the big cat was in room number 10 of the college, where it was locked up before the authorities were informed of its presence.

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