Guwahati Police Launches ‘Drugs Infoline’ to Fight Against Drugs, Seeks Support From Citizens

‘Drugs Infoline’: 6026901246 to remain active 24×7

On the occasion of National Anti-Drug Addiction Day, the Guwahati Police has launched a campaign to fight against drugs.

A WhatsApp Infoline number – 6026901246 – will remain active 24×7.  

Guwahati Police requests Citizens to share any available information on drug trafficking so that the Police can act accordingly with the help of common people.

The campaign has started to eradicate drugs from society.

Police wish that the information shared via the Infoline would be put to use to apprehend, destroy all drug trafficking networks.

Speaking at the launch of the Drugs Infoline, Shri Harmit Singh, Commissioner of Police, Guwahati said,
“In the Leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr Sharma, Assam Police able to catch various drug paddler throughout the state. Following the major successes, we have now launched the Drugs Infoline to seek the support of Citizens, so that together we eradicate the evil from our society. We remain firmly committed to act strongly against the drug menace and keep our City and State safe.”

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