Fresh Anti-CAA Stir On Cards in Assam After Farm Triumph

The victory of the farmers after a year of protests and loss of hundreds of lives, in making the Prime Minister repeal three farm laws has put wind in the sail of those protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act in the state with leaders of the movement relooking at the possibility of starting the protests afresh.

It’s been two winters since violent protests rocked the state after the new law came into force. Once the pandemic set in, the movement lost its steam.


Raijor Dal president Akhil Gogoi, the face of the movement, has categorically blamed other regional organizations for allegedly ending the anti-CAA stir by reducing the intensity of the protests on the streets.

Gogoi said on Monday that due to the compromising attitude of the leadership of ethno-regional organizations, the agitation lost steam, while the farmers’ relentless agitation compelled the Centre to withdraw the farm laws.

“CAA has not been implemented yet, but if it is implemented, it will pave the way for granting citizenship to 1.90 crore Hindu Bangladeshis in Assam. When I was in jail, the leadership of our ethno-regional organizations weakened the movement,” Gogoi alleged.


He advocated that the anti-CAA movement should resume but it should be ‘united and uncompromising’. Akhil alleged that in his absence the leaders feared to take responsibility and failed to give direction to the movement.

Gogoi blamed organizations, which allegedly took the protests from the ‘streets to the playgrounds’ for ending the movement.

He made a veiled reference to two leading student and youth organizations, All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuba Chatra Parishad, which later organized protest meetings against CAA on the Latasil playground in Guwahati and elsewhere, as being responsible for taking the sting out of the movement.

Deka said, “The people of Assam have come to know that the anti-CAA protests in Assam were a drama. A significant number of the protesters have already joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. People want development and that’s why they voted for the BJP decisively.”

An AASU leader said they are ready to start the movement again.

“The anti-CAA movement never ended. It only came to a temporary halt due to Covid-19. As and when the situation becomes normal, it will become vigorous,” said an AASU leader, who left it to the AASU president and general secretary to announce the new schedule of the anti-CAA protest.

From Congress leaders to AASU office-bearers, everyone is opposed to CAA but no information about a fresh agitation schedule has been announced yet.

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