Customs Stops International Smuggling of 400-Year-Old Ganapati Idol

Customs officers in the Chennai airport seized a 400-year-old artefact on Wednesday.

The artefact, a big brass Nritya Ganapati idol, was seized from a home in Kancheepuram.

In an official assertion, the Chennai Air Cargo Customs stated that an effort was made to smuggle it out of the nation from Kancheepuram.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the exporter from Chennai despatched the idol to his provider in Kancheepuram, to get it handled as per a shopper’s requirement after which facilitate the international smuggling.

According to a Customs official, the idol was seized from the home of the provider in Kancheepuram.

Further investigation into the matter is being carried out. The idol, which weighs 130 kg and has a peak of 5.25 toes, will not be registered with the Archaeological Survey of India beneath the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act.

According to the Customs, Archaeological Survey of India specialists who examined the idol said that it’s older than 400 years and is datable to the Vijayanagara-Nayak interval primarily based on the iconographic particulars.

The Nritya Ganapathi is believed to be worshipped by those wishing for proficiency in dance and high-quality arts.

This idol can be the biggest one seized by the Chennai Customs up to now, it stated.

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