Couple Fall Off Bike Due To Pothole, Barely Avoid Coming Under Bus

Barely a week after 32-year-old Mohammad Yunus died trying to avoid a pothole while riding his bike in Chennai, a man and woman were seen narrowly escaping a similar mishap.

A frightening video from the Otteri neighbourhood of Chennai in Tamil Nadu shows a man seemingly trying to stop his bike on the side of the road, with a woman riding pillion, when he appears to have stepped into a rainwater-filled pothole.

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With a government city bus passing by on their right just as they lost balance, both of them fell off the bike, hitting the side of the bus. The woman narrowly escaped being run over by the rear wheel of the bus.

vlcsnap 2021 11 10 11h56m35s194

The 29C bus, which plies between Perambur and Besant Nagar, came to an immediate halt, but only after the woman grazed the side of the bus and the rear wheel, before falling down on the road.

This incident caught on CCTV camera. Watch the video here.

The incident happened on the morning of Tuesday.

For the last few days Chennai has been receiving heavy rainfalls and most of the roads are artificially flooded hiding the potholes on the roads.

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