Birthday Celebration At Newly Built Dispur Flyover!

The educated Guwahatians seem to be least bothered about their civic responsibilities.

Even before the Dispur Supermarket flyover was inaugurated on November 4, the bridge was defiled by vandals by not only throwing liquor bottles and other items on the bridge but also spitting on the paintings done by over two dozen artistes.

Birthday Celebrations on Newly Constructed Dispur Flyover

But what happened now is beyond our comprehension. The rich celebrate the birthdays in hotel halls or at their homes.

But this family (see the picture), and an educated one to boot, has decided to celebrate someone’s birthday on the newly constructed and busy bridge throwing to winds all civic norms and also obstructing traffic thus putting into danger many lives.

The government should take action against these arrogant people as well as install CCTV cameras on flyovers, throughout GS Road and other roads.

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