Assam Minister Atul Bora Threatened on Facebook, Assam Police Nab Suspect

31-Year-Old Nip Pratim Baruah Arrested for Issuing Threats to Minister Atul Bora

Atul Bora LIfe Threat 1
File Photo: Minister Atul Bora

Guwahati, November 16: In a significant development that has raised concerns over the misuse of social media platforms, a youth from Sivasagar district in Assam has been arrested for issuing a death threat to state cabinet minister Atul Bora.

Atul Bora LIfe Threat 2
Nip Pratim Barua (Suspect) in the Right side

The arrest was confirmed by Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP), GP Singh, marking a swift response by the state police to a grave threat against a minister.

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The suspect, identified as Nip Pratim Baruah, 31, hails from the village of Bamun Moran Gaon in the Gaurisagar area of Sivasagar district. The arrest followed a threatening post made on Facebook, which was directed at the Minister. DGP GP Singh, in a tweet, confirmed that Baruah’s detention was based on substantial evidence linking him to the threat.

The nature of the threat involved a bomb scare in the quarter of Minister Bora. It was initially made in the comment section of a local news portal’s Facebook page, which quickly caught the attention of the authorities. The Assam CID was directed to register a criminal case and investigate the matter thoroughly.

The detained individual, Nip Pratim Baruah, allegedly claimed affiliation with the ULFA-Independent, a known separatist group, and used the social media platform to issue a chilling threat against Assam Minister Atul Bora.

The post ominously stated, “A plan is being brewed to plant a bomb at the quarter of Atul Bora. We in the ULFA are doing everything. He will not live for too long.”

The Assam DGP stressed that no threats against elected representatives would be tolerated, as they pose a direct challenge to the democratic polity of the nation.

The arrest of Nip Pratim Baruah serves as a stern warning against the misuse of social media.

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