Three Killed In Attack By DNLA Insurgents, Eight Injured

Three people were killed and eight others were injured after being tortured by the militants of Dimasa National Liberation Army (DNLA) at their designated camp in Maibang area in Assam’s Dima Hasao district, officials said.

Two among the three deceased were villagers — 44-year-old Ramsen Langthasa and 38-year-old Amal Goswami.

The third deceased person was identified as 20-year-old Aprash Langthasa and was a newly recruited cadre of DNLA.

According to the Dima Hasao district police, some DNLA militants on Monday had picked up six civilians from Langting village to their designated camp located in Kasmaiur area near Maibang.

Locals of Langting area said that the DNLA cadres had picked up six villagers from their house by pointing weapons at them and their families and beaten up mercilessly at the camp by the DNLA cadres, resulting in the death of two of them.

Indranil Baruah, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Dima Hasao District said that, yesterday at around 3:30 am, four DNLA cadres came out from their designated camp and picked up six persons from nearby Langting area and beat them up mercilessly.

“Two among them had succumbed to their injuries and the other four people were critically injured. When we visited the designated camp, we found that five surrendered DNLA cadres were also injured. We rushed the injured people to Haflong civil hospital where one surrendered DNLA cadre succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday,” Indranil Baruah said.

Meanwhile, Dima Hasao district police have arrested five cadres of the ceasefire DNLA in connection with the crime and are probing the incident and the arrested cadres were identified as DNLA’s deputy chairman Juddychan Haflongbar alias America, general secretary Pritamjit Jedung alias Galao, Dafaljit Langthasa alias Dawraja, Nobojit Phonglo alias NagaHoja, Notunjoy Nunisa and they had laid down their arms on November 13 last.

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