NSF Perturbed By Split in NSCN (R)

Taking note of the recent split within the NSCN (R), the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) said it was perturbed by the development at a critical juncture when the Nagas were striving towards unity to pave way for a peaceful settlement to the protracted “Indo-Naga political issue”.

In a press note, NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said the students’ fraternity and Naga youths “staunchly discourage all such disruptions in the process of the impending political settlement and object to any elements seeking to further divide and fragment the Naga people.”


NSF, therefore, urged upon Naga Political Groups to shed their differences and come on a common platform, for finding the best possible path and solution in the present political circumstances, without losing sight of the unique political history of the Nagas for lasting peace in the region.

NSF also said “palpable differences in ideology” and approach within and amongst various rank and file of the NPGs, have done society much harm than good, despite all that they have achieved on different negotiating tables.

While appreciating all NPGs for their contributions and milestones achieved towards furthering the Naga cause, NSF said that the younger generation sincerely appeal to all political groups to forge a unified front in the interest of those who will inherit the outcome of the political negotiation.

Reaffirming its stand that the guiding principle should uncompromisingly remain focused on ‘Naga Political cause, one solution’, NSF said that this will be possible only if there is deep political understanding of the subject among the NPGs.

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