Gold Biscuit Worth ₹85 Lakhs Found Inside Indigo Flight

A 1.443 kg gold biscuit was recovered on Sunday from inside an Indigo flight during a routine check at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport in Agartala.

Officials informed that the discovery was made when an Indigo security guard went for a routine check before passengers boarded the flight which was meant to travel to Kolkata.

The biscuit, which is believed to hold a market value of about ₹80-85 lakhs, was found inside Indigo flight 6E-457, which landed in Agartala from Guwahati before flying in from Bangalore at around 12:30 pm.

The gold biscuit was reportedly found wrapped in black tape in the twenty-fourth seat of the plane.

The packet was taken to the terminal manager of the Airport’s terminal building, from where Central Customs Office in Agartala was informed.

Officers from the Customs department collected the packet for further investigation.

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