Funskool India Launches 15 Exciting Products This Festive Season

GUWAHATI: Funskool India Ltd, India’s leading toy manufacturer, launches 15 new products ahead of the festive season.

Conceived and designed by their in-house toy developers, the launches include games, puzzles, role-play toys and DIY kits.

The new range from the acclaimed Funskool brands like Giggles, Fundough, Handicrafts and Play n Learn, will help the parents to keep their kids continuously engaged as they learn at the same time.

They will also promote creative independence, ensure the development of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills in children through these innovative products.

The festive collection from the toymaker promises a plethora of options under various categories. Games and puzzles like the Chu Chu Parade Game, Chu Chu Train Puzzle, Spell & Learn and My First 100 numbers under educational toys are designed to ensure a solid learning foundation for pre-schoolers through practical applications.

Fun dough Space Jam, Fundough Farm Set, Fundough Candy Rush and Diva Jr. Kit are the best role-play toy options available for kids. Also, children are introduced to the traditional art of mirror work and ancient knotting techniques through the Mirror and Lippan Art and the DIY Macrame kit, creating an early awareness of indigenous art forms in them.

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