Fake Bailey Packaged Drinking Water Seized, Two Detained

Of late, Assam and the Northeastern states have become a dumping ground for fake and duplicate products having famous brand names.

These products range from mosquito repellent brands like Godzilla to edible oils and even IMFL.

However, authorities remain clueless even as unscrupulous traders make a killing selling these fake products.

The Noonmati Police, meanwhile, on Monday arrested a person named Jakir Hussain for carrying 20 Litre duplicate mineral water Jars of “Bailley Packaged Drinking Water”.

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The city police seized his vehicle bearing a registration number AS-14-AC-0537 on which he was carrying the fake products of drinking water.

According to the driver, a person named Md. Abdul Karim had manufactured the duplicate stocks on a large scale in the factory of Nizara Brand of packaged drinking water located at Salbari, Guwahati.

In relation to the case of supplying duplicate drinking water, the Guwahati police have registered an FIR and arrested the driver.

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Meanwhile, the police in a press statement said that the case is not just about the business of fake products but it is also a great risk for consumers consuming duplicate products like this.

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The city police urged people that consumers should make sure about the hologram neck seal before thinking of buying any such product.

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