Assam: IAF Dhruv Helicopter Makes Two Emergency Landings in Lower Assam

Assam: ALH Helicopter was en route to Guwahati from West Bengal

An Indian Air Force (IAF) Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv was forced to make an emergency landing in a tea garden in the Chapar area of Dhubri district in Assam earlier today. The incident occurred near the Birsa Munda Stadium.

The helicopter, identified by its tail number ZD-4063, is a part of the IAF’s fleet. Initial reports indicate that there were eight IAF crew members and passengers onboard at the time of the incident. Fortunately, after the emergency landing, the helicopter managed to take flight again without any reported issues.

HAL Helicopter Indian AIr Force
Emergency Landing of IAF Dhruv Helicopter in Baghbar

The helicopter was en route to Guwahati from West Bengal when the emergency landings occurred.

However, in a subsequent development, the same ALH Dhruv made another emergency landing, this time in the Baghbar area of Barpeta District in Assam. The reasons for the two emergency landings remain unclear.

HAL Helicopter Indian AIr Force 1
Emergency Landing of IAF Dhruv Helicopter in Chapar

The IAF was quick to respond, dispatching a backup helicopter to the site of the second landing. Maintenance crews are currently on the scene, assessing the situation and conducting necessary repairs. As of now, there have been no reports of any damage or injuries related to the incident.

The IAF is expected to release an official statement providing further details on the incident and any potential investigations into the cause of the emergency landings.

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